Nakau "Torotama Negi Ra Oyakodon"

"Torotama Onion Ra Oyakodon" will be on sale at Nakau. A product that combines Nakau's signature product "Oyakodon" with green onions, chili oil to eat, and eggs.

Torotama green onion ra parent and child bowl

"Torotama Negi Oyakodon" is a new texture that matches Nakau's signature product "Oyakodon" with crispy green onions and crispy chili oil that combines sesame oil, chili peppers, and fried garlic. It is a product of. The gentle taste of Oyakodon and the refreshing scent of green onions go well together, and the spiciness of the chili oil you eat stirs your appetite. You can enjoy a more mellow and rich taste by entwining the later "specialized eggs". First, the "parent-child bowl" part of the royal road, then "green onion ra rice", and finally, you can enjoy the change in taste and texture by mixing both, and it is a delicious bowl three times in one.

Nakau "Torotama Negi Ra Oyakodon"

It will be on sale from 11:00 on January 13th. The sales lineup is as follows.

Torotama green onion oyakodon (normal) 650 yen Torotama green onion oyakodon (large) 720 yen

* "Negira Oyakodon" (normal 610 yen / large 680 yen) will also be on sale.
* All prices include tax.
* You can also take it home.
* It will be sold at 464 stores excluding some stores.