Lotte "Premium Ghana Raw Chocolate [Caramel]" "Premium Ghana Fruit Chocolat [Citron]"

"Premium Ghana Raw Chocolate [Caramel]" and "Premium Ghana Fruit Chocolat [Citron]" will be released on January 18th from the melting mouthful Lotte "Ghana" series. A special product unique to this season, tailored like a specialty store.

Premium Ghana raw chocolate [caramel]

"Premium Ghana Raw Chocolate [Caramel]" is a simple and carefully finished raw chocolate to bring out the rich and fragrant caramel taste. Raw chocolate with smooth and smooth caramel is trapped in an ultra-thin shell of about 1 mm. You can feel the delicate and melty texture. 12 pieces, the estimated price is around 302 yen (tax included).

Lotte "Premium Ghana Raw Chocolate [Caramel]"

Premium Ghana Fruit Chocolat [Citron]

"Premium Ghana Fruit Chocolat [Citron]" is a product in which the freshness of Sicilian lemons overflows with fruit chocolate wrapped in rich Ghana milk. By adding rich charred butter to the hidden taste, it is finished in a taste that is perfect for winter when the sourness of lemon is moderately felt. The content is 65g (2.29oz), and the estimated price is around 270 yen (tax included).

Lotte "Premium Ghana Fruit Chocolat [Citron]"