House Foods "O Zack [Kukure Curry Flavor]"

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the release of Kukure Curry from House Foods, the snack "O Zack [Kukure Curry Flavor]" will be released on January 17th. The content is 65g (2.29oz) and the estimated price is 120 yen (excluding tax).

A new variety of products from "O-Zack", which has a rugged shape and a crunchy texture. "Kukure Curry" has reached its 50th anniversary. Development started with the desire to feel free to taste the taste of this retort curry, which was first released as a house food, with snacks, and the brand collaboration with "O Zack" was realized.

Oh Zack [Kukure Curry Flavor]

"O Zack [Kukure Curry Flavor]" expresses the gentle taste of Kukure Curry, which is characterized by the mellowness of grated apples and vegetables (the flavor of Kukure Curry uses spices). By repeating the trial production, we arrived at a well-balanced taste that balances the "mellow sweetness of vegetables" and the "flavor of curry" in order to express the "gentle taste".