Black canned coffee "Georgia Black"

Coffee brand "Georgia" will release "Georgia Black" on February 21st. The price is 115 yen (excluding tax).

Georgia black

"Georgia Black" is a canned coffee that you can enjoy the taste of 100% high-quality Brazilian coffee beans. The patented technology "freshly ground aroma manufacturing method" that can contain the rich aroma immediately after grinding the beans, and "steam distillation" that brings the coffee beans into contact with steam and collects the steam to extract the scent like freshly brewed. "Aroma technology" is adopted.

With the "double aroma sealing technology" that introduces these two technologies, you can enjoy not only the scent of freshly ground beans but also the scent of freshly brewed beans. By incorporating this technology, we have realized a thick coffee feeling and a sharp taste that you feel at the beginning of drinking, and realized a feeling of satisfaction that is perfect for a change of mood in a short break and a taste that does not remain.

The design of the can expresses a deep richness and sharp taste by applying a sharp design of gunmetal color based on black that conveys the deliciousness of black coffee. The coffee beans are placed in the center to express the commitment to coffee beans and the power of coffee.