Cat Wine Gatao Series "Gatao CAN"

Kinoshita International will release canned wine "Gatao CAN" from the world-famous cat wine "Gatao" series on February 22nd, Cat Day. Capacity 250 ml. Alcohol content is 9%. The estimated price is 480 yen (excluding tax).

Gatao CAN

Gatao CAN is a semi-sparkling wine with a slightly stronger carbonation, while retaining the taste of authentic wine from the world-famous bottle "Gatao Vinho Verde". With a size of 250 ml for 1.67 glasses, it is easy to open and you can enjoy a fresh taste more easily. You don't have to worry about drinking one bottle.

No tools such as a wine opener are required, just open it and leave it as it is. From relaxing time at home to events, the outdoors, and casual lunches, we will be close to various situations. Semi-sparkling that is comfortable to drink and has a low 9% alcohol content, which is low for wine, and is perfect for everyday petite rewards. With its cute and stylish design, it has won the International Can Wine Competition 2021 Packaging Design Award.