"Chinese cabbage and mackerel misoni" recipe

Here are three "miso-boiled recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Chinese cabbage and mackerel boiled in miso", "Nasu no range miso boiled", "Chicken and potatoes boiled in honey miso". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article.

Chinese cabbage and mackerel boiled in miso

"Chinese cabbage and mackerel misoni" recipe that can be easily made using Chinese cabbage and mackerel misoni cans. It's easy, but it's also convenient when you want to add bulk to a superb and only one can of mackerel. Every time you chew, the sweetness and refreshing flavor of Chinese cabbage overflows, making it even more delicious.

"Chinese cabbage and mackerel misoni" recipe

Eggplant range miso boiled

"Eggplant range miso boiled ", which can be made only with "eggplant" and the seasoning at home, is insanely easy and very delicious! Don't use fire, just put it in the microwave and leave it alone.

Recipe "Eggplant range miso boiled"

Boiled chicken and potatoes in honey miso

Introducing the " Chicken and potato honey miso boiled " recipe, which seasons chicken and potatoes with honey and miso. A simmered dish with the rich flavor of honey miso entwined with fluffy potatoes and moist chicken.

"Chicken and potato honey miso boiled" recipe