Morinaga "Carre de Chocolat [Franboise]"

From Morinaga & Co.'s "Carre de Chocolat" series, a flavor for Valentine's Day "Carre de Chocolat [Franboise]" will be released. It will be sold nationwide in limited quantities from January 11th. With a content of 18 pieces, the estimated price is 400 yen (tax included).

Carre de Chocolat [Franboise]

Carre de Chocolat is made into a square shape so that you can easily enjoy the aroma, melting and taste of chocolate, as the name has Carr = square in French. Morinaga & Co.'s chocolate is finished with attention to detail such as raw materials, manufacturing method, and packaging form.

Flavors such as " Care de Chocolat [Pistachio] " have appeared so far, but this time, the popular Franboise, which goes well with winter chocolate sweets, was selected. Ecuadorian cacao, which has a gorgeous aroma, is kneaded into chocolate to give it a sweet and sour fruitiness and aroma. In addition, the package uses pink, which is a Valentine's color that matches the image of Franboise.