Sapporo Beer "Sapporo LEMON'S FREE"

Sapporo Breweries will release a non-alcoholic RTD (Ready to Drink) "Sapporo LEMON'S FREE", a food with functional claims, on March 15th. The estimated price is 122 yen (excluding tax) for a 350 ml can.


In recent years, there has been an increasing need for non-alcohol and fine alcohol categories due to health consciousness and the desire to control alcohol intake against the backdrop of changes in lifestyle. "Sapporo LEMON'S FREE" does not compromise on the deliciousness, but realizes a satisfying taste like lemon sour with a strong fruity feeling and a mouthfeel, and reduces the feeling of fatigue by the action of citric acid. It is a non-alcoholic lemon sour that is a food with functional claims.

The can body has an elegant and calm yellow background to express a deep lemon sensation. In the center part, the functionality of "reducing fatigue" is indicated by a ribbon icon.

"Sapporo LEMON'S FREE" where you can enjoy a satisfying taste like lemon sour. When you see it, pick it up.