Toraya "Masu no Tsuyu"

It was announced on the official website that "Masu no Tsuyu" will appear as a lees-filled yokan from Toraya. Available for a limited time and in limited quantities from January 12th to early February. The selling price is 2,160 yen (tax included).

Dew of full life

It is said to be a dish in which white yokan with sake lees is layered with black yokan and white amber yokan reminiscent of the sparkle of sake. It is said that the lees of "Manju Izumi Junmai Daiginjo Ju Platina", a sake from Toyama's sake brewery, Masuda Sake Brewery, has been aged for several months and used to give it a deep taste.

It is said that it is also suitable as a gift for people who like sake. Alcohol concentration is less than 1%. In addition to being sold separately, the standard yokan "Yoru no Ume", "Omokage", "Fresh Green", "Honey", "Tea" and Monaka "Miyo no Haru Beni", "Miyo no Haru Shiro", "Yaei", etc. Multiple sets are available. As a general rule, it is handled at each Toraya store, with some exceptions. Please note that some stores are not sold.