Lotteria "Gibier Venison Gouda Cheeseburger"

"Gibier Venison Gouda Cheeseburger" and "Double Jibie Venison Gouda Cheeseburger" will be released on January 13th at 43 Lotteria stores. Limited quantity.

Jibie Venison Gouda Cheeseburger

At Lotteria, "Gibier Venison Burger" using Jibie venison from April 2016 through efforts to popularize and promote Jibie, which is also familiar with the international goal "SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)" aiming for a sustainable and better world. Is sold in limited quantities at stores and is very popular. Last year, it was called "Gibier Venison Burger (Ezo Deer Lagoo Sauce)" using Jibie venison that has been properly processed at a factory that has cleared the standards of the "Domestic Jibie Certification System" established by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and has undergone safe and secure distribution. "Gibier venison burger (3 kinds of mushroom confi and Hokkaido cheese)" was sold for the first time in Lotteria nationwide, and the response exceeded expectations.

This time, "Jibie venison gouda cheeseburger" will be sold only in 43 stores in areas and big cities that require facilities that have received the "domestic venison certification system" in consideration of the stable supply of venison, which is a natural product. ..

Lotteria "Gibier Venison Gouda Cheeseburger"

A venison hamburger patty that uses 60% of the venison and has a mild taste, topped with gouda cheese. It is sandwiched with Lotteria's original honey mustard sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and sliced onions made from Argentine honey. The price is 700 yen (10% tax included, same below).

Double Jibie Venison Gouda Cheeseburger

A burger with twice the patty and twice the cheese. The price is 1,150 yen.

Lotteria "Double Jibie Venison Gouda Cheeseburger"

[Sales store]
Lotteria 43 stores nationwide (13 stores in Kanto, 6 stores in Kansai, 5 stores in Hokkaido, 7 stores in Chubu, 2 stores in China, 2 stores in Shikoku, 8 stores in Kyushu)
Sapporo Factory Store, Sapporo Chuo Store, JR Sapporo Store, Sapporo Aurora Town Store, Sapporo Apia Store, Shinjuku Odakyu Ace Store, Shinjuku Chuo Dori Store, Ikebukuro East Exit Store, Tamachi Shibaura Store, Nakano Sun Mall Store, JR Ikebukuro Station North Exit Store, Ochanomizu Station Store, Ginza Crystal Building Store, Nagoya Central Park Store, Meitetsu Toyoda Plaza Store, Kasugai Ami Store, Ryuto Main Road Store, Senri Chuo Store, Deer Mall Osaka Store, Hankyu Umeda Chaya Machiguchi Store, Abeno Apollo Building Store, Hankyu Ikeda Station Store, Hankyu Kamishinjo Store, Fukuoka Shintencho Store, Nagihama Station Store, Ogura Ekimae Store, Shinkeisei Yashira Station Store, Makuhari Amuse Mall Store, Perrier Nishichiba FS Store, Apita Kisarazu FS Store, JR Tsudanuma Perrier Store, Celeo Kofu store, Kurashiki Nakasho store, Okayama Hirai store, Oita station store, Beppu station store, Kagoshima Yamagataya store, Pure Takayama store, Gifu Hatori store, Aeon Mall Tokushima store, Tokushima Clement Plaza store, Miyazaki Hirae store, Miyazaki Ukinojo Stores (in no particular order) * Subject to change.