Francais "Berry Nut Millefeuille"

The popular "Berry Nut Millefeuille" will be on sale for a limited time every year from the Western confectionery brand "Français", which enjoys "fruits" and "nuts". Released on January 8th. The price is 1,296 yen for 8 pieces and 2,592 yen for 16 pieces (both including tax).

Berry nut millefeuille

"Berry nut millefeuille" is a limited-time millefeuille with two flavors, "berry berry" and "caramel nut". This year, the taste has been improved and it has become even more delicious.

"Berry Berry" is sandwiched with raspberry cream with strawberry crunch and coated with sweet chocolate. The sweet and sour taste of berries and chocolate go great together. "Caramel nuts" are sandwiched with caramel cream with chopped almonds and coated with milk chocolate. You can also enjoy the texture of almonds.


Francais started from a pastry shop in Shibuya shortly after the war. Including the classic millefeuille, we are particular about the ingredients and manufacturing methods of all sweets and pursue deliciousness. Every day, we strive to make really delicious sweets, such as the layer of pie, the texture of fruits, and the aroma of nuts.