Il Rosa "Mamma Rosa Strawberry"
(The source of the image is the official website of Il Rosa)

It was announced on the official website that "Mamma Rosa Strawberry" will appear as a seasonal dessert from Tokushima Western Confectionery Club Il Rosa. Sales will begin on January 15th, and advance reservations are being accepted. The selling price is 518 yen for 3 boxes (tax included, same below), 842 yen for 5 boxes, etc.

Mamma Rosa Strawberry

Known as a souvenir from Tokushima, "Mamma Rosa" is a dairy confectionery filled with bean paste, and Mamma is an Italian word that means mother. It is characterized by its plumpness and warmth, the scent of milk that spreads softly, and its moist texture.

"Mamma Rosa Ichigo", which will be released this time, has a limited-time flavor, and in addition to the secret flavor of Franboise, the sourness of lemon is hidden in order to bring it closer to the taste of fresh strawberries. Like ordinary Mamma Rosa, domestic flour is used to protect Japanese agricultural products, and Tokushima milk is used to support dairy farmers in Tokushima.