Ministop "Gurukuru Drinking Cheesecake"

"Gurukuru Drinking Cheesecake" will be on sale at Ministop.

Cheesecake to drink

Guru Kuru is a soft serve ice cream that you can easily drink with one hand after mixing it with Guru. The recommended way to drink is to enjoy the appearance and mix it about 30 times before drinking.

The "Guru Kuru Drinking Cheesecake" to be released this time is the 8th Guru Kuru and 9 items. You can enjoy the excellent compatibility between the pudding, which has the image of a refreshing cheesecake based on rare cheese, and the blueberry sauce with whole pulp. Crunch biscuits are topped on the creamy vanilla soft to create a crispy and savory cake base.

Ministop "Gurukuru Drinking Cheesecake"

Sold from January 7th. The price is 398 yen (tax included). The calorie is 283 kcal.