Coco's "Strawberry & Chocolate Fair"

"Strawberry & Chocolate Fair" will be held at Coco's from January 13th (excluding Yamaguchi Ube Airport store). Sales are scheduled to end in late February.

Coco's "Strawberry & Chocolate Fair"

We sell a luxurious dessert that combines a classic combination of strawberries and chocolate with brandy-scented cacao jelly (alcohol is not included). Sweet and sour strawberries are complemented by low-sweetness chocolate pudding and mellow cacao jelly. The lineup includes three types of parfaits that create a mature look with red strawberries and black chocolate, and two types of plate desserts that are studded with bright red strawberries. Cannot be taken home.

Strawberry and chocolate queen parfait

A parfait with a height of about 30 cm that uses 11 fresh strawberries from the desire to "eat a lot of strawberries!" You can enjoy various textures such as crispy chocolate crispy, chewy marshmallow, crispy raspberry meringue, smooth chocolate pudding, and brandy-scented cacao jelly. The price is 1,309 yen (tax included, same below).

Coco's "Strawberry and Chocolate Queen Parfait"

Flowering strawberry and chocolate parfait

A mini-sized parfait that you can choose according to the scene. The price is 869 yen.

Coco's "Flower-blooming Strawberry and Chocolate Parfait"

Strawberry and chocolate glass parfait

The price is 429 yen.

Coco's "Strawberry and Chocolate Glass Parfait"

Strawberry fondant chocolate crepe

A dessert made with fondant chocolate, where chocolate cream sauce and whipped cream melt from the chewy crepe. Enjoy warm crepes and cool cold strawberry sorbet with fresh strawberries. The price is 539 yen.

Coco's "Strawberry Fondant Chocolat Crepe"

Crispy millefeuille with strawberries and chocolate

A satisfying dish with whipped cream and chocolate pudding sandwiched between crispy pie crust. Strawberry sauce is sprinkled on top of the millefeuille, and strawberry, pink flakes and strawberry sorbet are displayed around it. The price is 539 yen.

Coco's "Strawberry and chocolate crispy millefeuille"