Kinki area life "Khao Man Gai (Thai style rice)"

"Khao Man Gai (Thai style rice)" is on sale from Kinki Life stores. The price is 498 yen (excluding tax).

Khao Man Gai (Thai style rice)

Overseas gourmet is recommended for those who want to feel like traveling even a little while the days when they cannot easily go on an overseas trip continue. "Khao Man Gai (Thai style steak)", which is a January product of "a dish that is particular to buyers", where Kinki area side dish buyers send out products that are particular about materials and manufacturing methods, is rice that is soaked in the taste of chicken and has flavored vegetables. It is a popular Thai menu with chicken steak baked in the store.

We manufacture rice containing chicken extract, which is a characteristic of Khao Man Gai, at our own factory. Topped with colorful pumpkin, eggplant, broccoli, and chicken steak baked in the store. It is finished with a special sauce that makes the spicy spiciness addictive. The spicy spiciness of the sauce with garlic, ginger and chili peppers is appetizing.

* Excluding Bio-Ral Tohoku Store, Bio-Ral Eki Marche Osaka Store, and Miniel Nishihonmachi Store