Ace Cock "Golden Wakame Ramen Spicy Miso Ramen with Gold Sesame"

"Kin no Wakame Ramen" will be released on January 24th from Ace Cock. The price is 230 yen (excluding tax).

Gold seaweed ramen Spicy miso ramen made with gold sesame seeds

From the long-selling brand "Wakame Ramen" released in 1983, "Kin no Wakame Ramen" made with the special material "Kingoma" is now available. The spicy miso soup, which is finished with rich and fragrant gold sesame and sprinkle with spicy sauce, is combined with wakame seaweed, which is full of dietary fiber, to make it a crispy and energetic cup.

In addition to the seaweed seaweed, which is rich in dietary fiber, the fragrant gold sesame is added as another main ingredient, and the taste of seafood is combined with the spicy miso soup made with doubanjiang and flavored vegetables in the middle of winter. Wakame ramen that you want to eat. A moderately seasoned, smooth, chewy, crispy round-edged noodle. Kayaku is savory gold sesame, wakame seaweed, and corn. Like "Kin no Wakame Ramen", the package also uses a shining lid, and we are particular about the appearance.