Denny's Strawberry Dessert

Denny's will release a strawberry dessert using "Amaou" and "Avocado" on January 11th.

Denny's "Strawberry Dessert"

Amaou and Avocado Cheese Cream The Sunday

Uses 5.5 strawberry luxuriously. The light green cream is made by blending avocado with cream with mascarpone cheese to create a smooth mouthfeel. Strawberry ice cream, sorbet, strawberry jelly, strawberry cream and mellow avocado cream are a surprising match. The price is 1,390 yen (tax included, same below).

Denny's "Amaou and Avocado Cheese Cream The Sunday"

Amaou's mini parfait

A mini parfait featuring fresh strawberries. Smooth strawberry cream, strawberry jelly with a refreshing scent and sweetness, strawberry sauce with rich flavor, sweet and sour strawberry sorbet, it is a dessert that you can meet strawberry from anywhere. In the glass, there is a slightly sweetened diced strawberry and avocado. The price is 740 yen.

Denny's "Amaou's Mini Parfait"

Amaou's little strawberry parfait

Affordable parfait topped with fresh strawberries. Strawberry jelly with a fluffy texture, strawberry sauce full of fruit, sweet and sour strawberry sorbet, and mellow strawberry cream are layered. The light green avocado cream is a combination of fresh avocado and cream with mascarpone cheese. The mellow taste of avocado and cheese enhances the refreshing sweetness of strawberries. The price is 550 yen.

Denny's "Amaou no Chocotto Parfe"

Strawberry jelly tailoring

Light jelly with strawberry topping. The bright red strawberry jelly is smooth and smooth, and the refreshing scent and sweetness of strawberries spread. Strawberry cream adds raspberry juice to strawberry juice and pulp. You can enjoy a refreshing taste by adding the slight acidity of raspberries to the elegant sweetness of strawberries. The price is 450 yen.

Denny's "Strawberry Jelly Tailoring"

Homemade pancakes with strawberry and avocado cheese cream

Melt strawberry and avocado cream on a softly baked pancake. Pink strawberry cream is made fruity by adding strawberry juice, pulp and raspberry juice. The light green avocado cream is a combination of fresh avocado and mascarpone cheese. Topped with sweet potatoes, refreshing strawberry sorbet, refreshing milk gelato, and slightly sweetened strawberries and avocado. The price is 740 yen.

Denny's "Homemade Pancakes with Amaou and Avocado Cheese Cream"

Strawberry homemade galette

The galette carefully baked at the shop is topped with fresh amaou, strawberry ice cream, and strawberry sauce. Sprinkle rich chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce with an elegant sweetness, and add a good banana. It is a galette with a moist texture, and it is recommended to wrap it with strawberries, ice cream, and cream. The price is 890 yen.

Denny's "Strawberry Homemade Galette"

* The strawberry varieties used for strawberry ice cream, strawberry sorbet, strawberry jelly, strawberry cream, and strawberry sauce are not sweet.
* Sales availability, time zone, tailoring, and price may differ depending on the store.