Kameya Mannendo "Mamema Medorayaki"
(All images are from the Kameya Mannendo official website)

It was announced on the official website that "Mamema Dorayaki" will appear as a limited-time Japanese sweet from Kameya Mannendo. It is a dish that you can enjoy bean paste containing 5 kinds of beans. It will be available from January 6th. The selling price is 216 yen per piece (tax included, same below). The 6-piece set costs 1,404 yen, and the 10-piece set costs 2,376 yen.

Kameya Mannendo Mame Mame Dorayaki

Kameya Mannendo "Mamema Medorayaki"

At Kameya Mannendo, the classic "Kurosu Torayaki", which uses brown sugar from Okinawa prefecture and Wasanbon molasses from Kagawa prefecture and is baked in a tiger pattern, is also available. It has been. "Mame Mame Dorayaki", which will be on sale this time, has moist dorayaki skin, "Dainagon", "Teboumame", "Chick beans", "Kintoki beans", and "Blue". A bean paste based on red bean paste, which uses five types of beans from "Endo", is sandwiched between them.

The bean paste is not too sweet and is devised so that you can enjoy the texture and taste of the five types of beans. Each calorie is 188 kcal.