Life Wheat Town "Raisin Bread"

At the store where Life's "Wheat Town" is located, "Raisin Bread" is on sale, where you can fully enjoy raisins from the first bite. The price is 298 yen for half and 580 yen for one (both include tax).

Wheat Town Raisin Bread

Bread is eaten as one of the standard breakfast items. "Raisin bread", which was selected as a January product in the Tokyo metropolitan area of "Look at this month" that Life confidently recommends, is full of large California raisins that have been carefully soaked in rum for a week. Because it is used, it is a life original bread that you can enjoy raisins from anywhere, not only inside but also to your ears.

Rum, which is characterized by its mellow sweetness and rich flavor, goes well with sour raisins. The sweet and fluffy dough is wrapped in plenty of raisins, so you can enjoy raisins no matter where you eat them. A half size that is easy to eat is also available.