Kenta Lunch "Twister Set"

"Lunch A (Twister Set)" and "Lunch X (Teriyaki Twister Set)" will be released on January 5th from Kentucky Lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) for a limited time. The price is 500 yen each (tax included). The sale period is until February 1st.

Kenta Lunch "Twister Set" 2 types

The spicy "Pepper Mayonnaise Twister" with tomato-based salsa sauce or the sweet and spicy "Teriyaki Twister" with a special teriyaki sauce. In addition to the twister, potatoes (S) and drinks (M) are included in the set.

"Lunch A (Twister set)" 500 yen (normal lunch price 550 yen) Pepper mayonnaise twister, potato (S), drink (M)

"Lunch X (Teriyaki Twister Set)" 500 yen (normal lunch price 550 yen) Teriyaki Twister, potato (S), drink (M)

* Limited to lunch time (10:00 to 16:00 every day).
* It may not be available for some periods.
* Some stores do not sell.
* Business hours may be changed or closed according to the policy of each local government.