Bispokke "Raisin Sandwich Butter Cookies"

From the city of the sea and mountains of Kobe, "Bispokke," which continues to offer "sweets that make your heart sing and make you happy to eat," is now selling its new baked goods, "Raisin Sandwich Butter Cookies. The price is 897 yen for a pack of 6 or 1,620 yen for a pack of 12 (both include tax, the same applies below). Available at Bispokke Kobe Main Store and Bispokke Abeno Harukas Store.

Raisin sandwich butter cookies

Raisin sandwich cookies with a rich flavor and crunchy raisins. White chocolate with raisins is sandwiched between butter cookies made with milk from the foot of Mt. The raisins have a sour taste with a crunchy texture, and the soft aroma of rum adds depth to the flavor. The cute design with images of the city and scenery of Kobe is perfect as a small gift or a treat for yourself. It can be carried at room temperature, making it a good souvenir to take back home.

The "Sea Eclair (432 yen per bottle)" and "Mountain Eclair (378 yen per bottle)" are also available. If you are interested in these, please check them out as well.