Myojo Foods "Myojo Hakata Balikata Negi Tonkotsu

Myojo Shokuhin will release a vertical BIG size cup ramen called "Myojo Hakata Barikata Negi Tonkotsu", which will go on sale nationwide on January 24, 2022. The estimated price is 220 yen (excluding tax) per unit.

Myojo Hakata Barikata Negi Tonkotsu

Myojo Foods has been developing a series of products that use "barikata noodles," which are said to be popular for their firm and hard texture with a powdery texture just like pork ramen restaurants. This is a non-fried type developed with Myojo's unique technology, and is said to have a wheat flavor in the center. It takes only 60 seconds of boiling water to finish.

The soup is richly prepared with the flavor and aroma of cooked pork bones. The seasoning oil with the aroma of cooked lard, which is included separately, is designed to stimulate the appetite and is made to go well with the balikata noodles.

The seasoned minced meat, green onions, and kikurage are used as condiments. It is said that the generous amount of green onions spread all over the soup further accentuates the flavor. It contains 88g (3.1oz) of noodle and 65g (2.29oz) of noodles.