Nissin Food Products "Nissin Triple Garlic Pig La King Yasai, Abra, Garlic"

Nissin Food Products will release "Nissin Triple Garlic Pig Lao Yasai, Abra, Garlic" on January 10, 2022. "Pig Lao" is a product that has evolved further with "garlic kneaded noodles". The estimated price is 368 yen (excluding tax).

Nissin Triple Garlic Pig La King Yasai, Abra, Garlic

"Nissin Pork Raoh Yasai, Abra, Garlic" released in January 2020 is a "gutsuri ramen" that combines rich pork bone soy sauce soup with garlic and plenty of vegetables with extra-thick noodles. Due to its overwhelming impact, it attracted attention on SNS and other media.

Introducing this time is "Nissin Triple Garlic Pork Lao Yasai, Abra, Garlic" which is powered up by adding garlic to all noodles, soup and ingredients. For the first time in the history of "Nissin RAOH", "Garlic-kneaded extra-thick non-fried noodles" has a garlic scent that spreads as you chew.

The soup is a pork bone soy sauce soup with a rich pork flavor and garlic flavor. You can enjoy a richer and more impactful taste by adding Abra in the attached "Abra Extra Bag". The ingredients are cabbage, thick-sliced char siu, and garlic.