"Pumpkin and Chikuwa Kinpira" Recipe

Here are three "chikuwa recipes" that were delicious when the En-eating editorial department actually made them. "Stir-fried dioscorea and chikuwa", "Pumpkin and chikuwa kinpira", "Chikuwa and pepper kinpira". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article.

Stir-fried long potato and chikuwa bonito

Introducing a simple recipe for " stir-fried bonito flakes and chikuwa ". A dish that you can enjoy a sweet and sour taste and a chewy texture. You can also top it with green onions or shichimi peppers that you cut into small pieces if you like. Not only the taste, but also the colors are rich in green and red.

Simple recipe for "stir-fried dioscorea opposita and chikuwa"

Pumpkin and chikuwa kinpira

Introducing the "Pumpkin and Chikuwa Kinpira " recipe. The fluffy feeling of pumpkin and the chewy and fragrant flavor of chikuwa are irresistible! Make sure to use it as a side dish for lunch or as a snack for sake.

"Pumpkin and Chikuwa Kinpira" Recipe

Chikuwa and bell pepper kinpira

Volume up with a chewy chikuwa! Introducing the saving recipe " Chikuwa and Bell Pepper Kinpira " using chikuwa. When you want to add a little dish to your lunch box or table. Peppers with a crispy texture and chewy chikuwa. For families with children, it may be okay to make it without red pepper.

Saving recipe "Chikuwa and bell pepper kinpira"