Gyoza no Ohsho "Gomoku Ankake Ramen

Gyoza no Ohsho's "Gomoku Ankake Ramen" will be on sale again in the New Year, and will be available from January 2 to 31, 2022.

Gyoza no Ohsho Gomoku Ankake Ramen

Gyoza no Ohsho "Gomoku Ankake Ramen

Gyoza no Ohsho's Gomoku Ankake Ramen is a monthly replacement menu item that has appeared frequently since FY2017. It was so popular that it ranked first in sales the previous year, and will be available again in December 2021 and again at the beginning of the year. It features a warm and thick soup that is infused with the richness of oyster sauce and the flavor of vegetables. It is accented with Japanese ginger.

In principle, the product will be sold at Gyoza no Ohsho and GYOZA OHSHO stores nationwide, but some stores will be excluded. In addition to eat-in, To go is also available in microwavable containers. The company says that customers can enjoy the same taste as at home or in the office, but hotter.

The price for a single item is 700 yen (tax included, same below). Fair Set A, which includes 3 gyoza and apricot bean curd, is 920 yen, and Fair Set B, which includes 3 gyoza and small rice, is 950 yen.

Each fair set can be increased by 3 gyoza for an additional 110 yen. Except for stores in Hokkaido, the gyoza in each fair set can be changed to "gyoza with extra garlic. An additional 33 yen will be charged for Western Japan and 22 yen for Eastern Japan.