Kur Aina "Caramel & Chocolate Banana Pancake"

It was announced on the official website that a new flavor "Caramel & Chocolate Banana Pancake" has appeared in the popular pancake series of Kur Aina.

Caramel & chocolate banana pancake

In addition to the classic "Maple Whip", the Kur Aina pancake series is available in seasonal flavors. This "Caramel & Chocolate Banana Pancake" is a chocolate sauce made with pure cocoa and a deep-tasting caramel sauce that goes well with fresh bananas and vanilla ice cream.

It is announced that you can enjoy it with the fluffy pancake dough that is handmade in the store every day. It is said to be suitable for desserts after meals at lunch time and dinner time, and sweets at cafe time. Available stores are Kur Aina stores in Japan except "Yokohama Red Brick Store".

The selling price is 720 yen (tax included, same below). In addition, you can order a "drink set" for an additional 150 yen and a "drink & French fries set" for an additional 270 yen.