Hontaka Sunaya "Zodiac Can Eco Luce" "Assortment of Spring"
(The source of the image is Takasaya official website)

It was announced on the official website that the 2022 zodiac sweets appeared from Hontaka Sunaya (high is a different character). "Zodiac cans Ecoluce" and "Assorted spring greetings" will be on sale until mid-January 2022.

Zodiac can Ecoluce

Takasagaya "Zodiac Can Eco Luce" "Assortment of Spring"

"Zodiac Can Eco Luce" is a crispy and light textured baked confectionery "Eco Luce" that is rolled up with a transparently thinly baked dough and is included in the package of the 2022 Zodiac "Tora" to commemorate the New Year. I am. There are multiple types of ecorse with different shapes and flavors, and the contents are 2 strips x 3 packets, 2 round milk chocolates x 2 packets, and 2 white chocolates x 2 packets. The selling price is 600 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Assorted spring greetings

Takasagaya "Zodiac Can Eco Luce" "Assortment of Spring"

In addition to the eco-luce, the "Mandell Chigel", which is made by baking thinly stretched dough and wrapping it so as not to let the aroma of sliced almonds escape, is a 2022 zodiac sign "Tora" to commemorate the New Year. It is in the package.

The contents are 3 x 2 packs of eco-luce triangle, 2 x 3 packs of strip type, 2 x 2 packs of milk chocolate, and 2 x 2 packs of white chocolate. 5 pieces of Mandelchigel. The selling price is 1,200 yen.