Cup Ice "Meiji Essel Super Cup Cheese & Cookies"

"Meiji Essel Super Cup Cheese & Cookies" will be released from the Meiji Cup Ice "Meiji Essel Super Cup" series. It will be on sale nationwide from January 10, 2022. The content is 200 ml, and the estimated price is 151 yen (tax included).

Meiji Essel Super Cup Cheese & Cookies

The Meiji Essel Super Cup is a long-selling series that has been developed for more than a quarter of a century since 1994. In addition to the standard flavors such as "super vanilla" and "matcha", seasonal flavors are also available. This time, for the first time in the series, a combination of ice cream like a rare cheese cake and a slightly bitter cocoa cookie was selected.

The type is "lacto ice". It is said that the smooth and rich ice cream has a moderate accent on the texture of the cookie that you can enjoy the cacao feeling. The package is based on a refreshing yellow color and has a cute check pattern.