Ministop "Whipped chocolate with whipped cream-Belgian chocolate used-"

At Ministop, a new sweets brand "FUN FAN SWEETS" has arrived. The first product "Plenty of melting custard pudding" will be on sale from December 26th, and the second product "Whip-covered gateau chocolate-using Belgian chocolate-" will be on sale from January 7, 2022.

FUN FAN SWEETS (Fan! Fan! Sweets)


An exciting dessert that you will want to share with someone, combining "FUN", which is fun and exciting to taste sweets, and "FAN", which is captivated by its deliciousness. Plenty of volume that fills your heart, and involuntarily! It is a new series that is particular about the amazing texture.

Plenty of melting custard pudding

Ministop "Plenty of melting custard pudding"

A custard pudding with a milky and rich "melting texture" that contains pure fresh cream from Hokkaido. It is a large-capacity pudding for pudding lovers, with a presence that is about 2.7 times the size of the popular standard product "Melting Custard Pudding". The price is 367 yen (tax included).

Whipped gateau chocolate-Belgian chocolate used-

Ministop "Whipped chocolate with whipped cream-Belgian chocolate used-"

Gateau chocolate that you can taste cream that is "covered with cream". Chocolate whipped cream and plenty of whipped cream are served on the moist and rich Belgian chocolate-based gateau chocolate dough. Pure fresh cream from Hokkaido is used for whipped cream, making it easy to eat while having a rich taste. The price is 280 yen (tax included).