KALDI "Lemon marinade of octopus Mihara" "Yuzu chopped Narazuke" "Simmered oysters" etc.

"Winter reward delicacies" carefully selected by the Japanese food brand "Moheji" from all over Japan are on sale from December 26th at each KALDI Coffee Farm store. The lineup includes "Lemon Marinated Mihara Yassa Octopus," "Yuzu Chopped Nara Pickles," "Shio Boiled Oysters," "Hyuga Satsu Pork Raw Jerky Yuzu Kosho & White Wine," and "North Sea Flower Salmon Salted."

Mihara Yassa Octopus Lemon Marinated

KALDI "Yasa Mihara Octopus Lemon Marinated"

The brand octopus "Mihara Yassa Octopus", which is characterized by its firm body, is luxuriously used to create a refreshing sour lemon marinade. The more you chew, the more delicious it will be, and it is perfect as a snack for sake such as wine and sake. The price is 399 yen (tax included, same below).

Yuzu chopped Narazuke

KALDI "Yuzu chopped Narazuke"

An elegant Narazuke made from sake lees with the refreshing flavor of chopped yuzu. It is recommended not only to eat it as it is, but also to dip it with cream cheese. The price is 537 yen.

Boiled oysters

KALDI "Simmered oysters"

Shio-boiled simmered with oyster extract without using salt or water. The large Ishinomaki oysters, which have been stored with plenty of umami over the harsh winter, go well with not only snacks, but also pasta and cooked rice. The price is 588 yen.

Raw jerky of Hinata Satsu pork Yuzu kosho & white wine

KALDI "Hyuga Satsu Pork Raw Jerky Yuzu Kosho & White Wine"

"Hyuga Osatsu Pork", which is characterized by its light fat and sweet meat quality, is added with the refreshing sourness and spiciness of white wine and yuzu kosho. Cut it to your favorite size with scissors and eat it. The price is 645 yen.

North Sea Flower Salmon Salted

KALDI "North Sea Flower Salmon Salted Fish"

Salted salmon aged with salted jiuqu using Atlantic salmon, especially greasy harass. No matter how much the texture is accentuated, it is a dish that makes sake go on. The price is 1,198 yen.