Fueki Nori Kogyo "Kanazawa Limited Fuki Konpeito"

"Kanazawa Limited Fueki Konpeito" will be released on December 25th from the popular "Nori de Create" collaboration series of "Hesobun -HESO BUN-", a stationery product with "Navel". The content is 40g (1.41oz) of konpeito, and the price is 605 yen (tax included). It is available at shops inside Kanazawa Station.

"Fueki Animal Glue", which is familiar from Fueki Nori Kogyo's cute Fueki-kun container, is a fun and cute starch glue with a safe quality design suitable for group education for kindergarten and school children. Fueki-kun, who is a hot topic in collaboration with character stationery products and cosmetics goods, has become "Fueki Konpeito (golden Fueki-kun container)" limited to Kanazawa Station.

Fueki Nori Kogyo "Kanazawa Limited Fuki Konpeito"

Kanazawa Limited Fueki Konpeito

The cute Fueki-kun's regular size container that fits in the palm of your hand can be used as an accessory case by putting whatever you like after you finish eating the contents. Not only as a souvenir, but also for yourself! It is also recommended for generations who like retro and miss their childhood. Perfect for souvenirs.