Bourbon "Plenty of Chocolat Alfort Mini Chocolate"

Bourbon will release a limited-time product "Plenty of Chocolat Alfort Mini Chocolate" with 1.5 times more chocolate on January 11, 2022.

Plenty of chocolate alfort mini chocolate

In response to the voice of "I want to eat Alfort mini chocolate with plenty of chocolate", a product that combines whole grain biscuits with 1.5 times the amount of chocolate compared to the conventional "Alfort mini chocolate". The Venezuelan cacao ingredients and French dairy ingredients used in chocolate have been increased to create a delicious flavor with a rich milky feel and cacao flavor. You can enjoy a special piece in a little extravagant time.

Each box contains 12 pieces, and the estimated price is 162 yen (tax included). Available at convenience stores, mass retailers, drug stores, retail stores, and shops nationwide.