Pastel "lucky bag size"

Pastel will sell "lucky bags" packed with popular products from December 30th to January 3rd, 2022. "Small lucky bag" and "Large lucky bag" are available.

Lucky bag small

Pastel "lucky bag small"

A popular lucky bag packed with 20 caramel almond rusks, 4 madeleines, 4 financiers, and 3 smooth pudding vouchers. It is a set where you can enjoy popular pastel baked goods and the signature product "Smooth Pudding" so that you can have more time during the year-end and New Year holidays. You can also use the smooth pudding voucher on the spot. The price is 2,000 yen (tax included) per bag.

Lucky bag size

Pastel "lucky bag size"

A lucky bag that debuted this year with a box of caramel sandwich cookies (10 pieces), 20 caramel almond rusks, 3 madeleines, 3 financiers, and 4 smooth pudding vouchers. You can enjoy the crispy "caramel sandwich cookie" with the motif of the popular pastel character "Puri Nyan". It is also recommended to share it with family and friends during the New Year holidays. The price is 3,000 yen (tax included) per bag.

* Smooth pudding tickets cannot be used at restaurants.
* Smooth pudding vouchers are valid from December 30th to March 31st, 2022.
* Some reservations are not possible, and it may be sold out depending on the reservation status.
* Packages may differ at some stores.