From "Odakyu Electric Railway x Tully's Coffee Collaboration Teddy" Tully's

Tully's Coffee Japan will sell "Odakyu Electric Railway x Tully's Coffee Collaboration Teddy", a collaboration goods with Odakyu Electric Railway, in a limited number of stores. Released on December 27th. The price is 2,500 yen (excluding tax). It will end as soon as it runs out.

Many mascots such as "Tully's Teddy", "Bearful" and "Baufi" are sold as original goods at Tully's. Among them, "Tully's Teddy" has been collaborated with various companies and continues to be loved. Such "Tully's Teddy" will appear only at 6 Tully's Coffee stores along the Odakyu Electric Railway, dressed as a crew member of Odakyu Electric Railway.

Odakyu Electric Railway x Tully's Coffee Collaboration Teddy

The appearance of wearing a white cap worn by the limited express crew of Odakyu Electric Railway is lovely, the limited express romance car GSE (70000 type) embroidery on the sole, the ribbon with the Odakyu Electric Railway logo on the neck, and the back A tag with the Tally's logo is displayed to create a sense of collaboration. It's perfect for traveling, as well as souvenirs and small gifts.

The sales stores are as follows.

Shinjuku Odakyu Daiichi Seimei Building Store, Kyodo Corty Store, Odakyu Marche Shinyurigaoka Store, Odakyu Marche Machida Store, with U Odakyu Department Store Machida Store, Honatsugi Milord East Store