Kyodo Milk Industry "Mateau's Smooth Pudding Creamy Strawberry"

"Meito's Smooth Pudding Creamy Strawberry" will be released on January 10th from Kyodo Milk Industry's "Meito's Smooth Pudding" series. The content is 105g (3.7oz), and the estimated price is 115 yen (excluding tax).

Meito's smooth pudding creamy strawberry

"Mayto's Smooth Pudding Creamy Strawberry" is a strawberry milk flavored product that combines the rich milkiness of "Smooth Pudding" with "Strawberry", which is the number one favorite fruit for both men and women (according to Meito's research, Internet survey). Smooth pudding. It has a smooth texture that melts when you put it in your mouth, and the refreshing aroma and sweet and sour taste of strawberries. In the aftertaste, you can feel the creamy milk flavor peculiar to smooth pudding and the afterglow of the fluffy egg, which is characterized by the deliciousness that lasts from the beginning to the end.

"Mateau's smooth pudding creamy strawberry" is perfect for the coming season. If you like strawberry flavor, check it out! For a limited time, if you are interested, please do so as soon as possible.