Gochi tabi "Original freeze-dried food lucky bag set"

At the Rakuten Ichiba store of Gochi tabi, the "Original Freeze-Dried Food Lucky Bag Set", which is a great value lucky bag set with popular freeze-dried products, is now on sale. The price is 3,240 yen (tax included, free shipping). The sale period is until January 20, 2022.

Original freeze-dried food lucky bag set

At "Gochi tabi", we have started selling lucky bags packed with freeze-dried products that can be enjoyed at the table during the year-end and New Year holidays. A total of 4,482 yen worth of products will be sold at a special price of 3,240 yen with a 28% discount. The blockbuster best-selling "onion gratin soup" with monthly sales of over 400,000 meals, "chawanmushi" that is perfect for cold winters, "Omar shrimp bisque" that is rich and creamy and addictive, and "truffle risotto" that you can enjoy the scent and taste of truffles luxuriously. , A total of 19 items of juicy "seafood chawanmushi" with seafood in the standard chawanmushi, a lot of sets.

Feast tabi

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