Recipe "Deep-fried chicken nanban"

Here are three recipes that the En-eating editorial department actually made and that were delicious. "Deep-fried chicken breast fried chicken", "Deep-fried chicken nanban", "Deep-fried chicken cutlet". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article.

Unfried chicken breast fried chicken

Introducing the recipe for "Deep- fried chicken breast fried chicken ". Since it is "fried" without frying, it requires less oil and is more healthy. The breast meat is crispy and tender, and very juicy!

Unfried chicken nanban

Introducing the recipe of "Deep- fried chicken nanban " that makes chicken breast plump and juicy. The sweet and sour sauce and the mellowness of the crispy tartar sauce are intertwined, making it addictive!

Recipe "Deep-fried chicken nanban"

Unfried tuna cutlet

It's a little healthy because it doesn't fry ♪ Here's a recipe for "Deep- fried tuna cutlet " that is easy to clean up afterwards! It goes crazy with wine and shochu as well as beer ...!

Recipe for "Deep-fried tuna cutlet"