Milk consumption recipe "French pancake"

Introducing recipes using milk. There are 5 dishes: "French pancake", "Salmon and sweet potato cream boiled", "Kentucky style biscuits", "Chicken and Maitake mushroom cream boiled", and "Lotus root pottage". Recommended for milk consumption!

French pancakes

"French pancake" recipe

French toast using Pasco's "English muffin". Simply soak the muffins in an egg solution that combines eggs, milk, and sugar, and steam the butter in a hot frying pan. The fluffy and chewy texture and the mellow sweetness that exudes are irresistible! It's easy but delicious, so it's recommended for breakfast and snacks.

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Boiled salmon and sweet potatoes in cream

"Salmon and sweet potato cream boiled" recipe

A stew-style dish made with milk, butter, and grated cheese. Add salmon and milk to the fried sweet potatoes and melt the flour and butter to thicken it. Add grated cheese to bring out the richness, and add an accent with black pepper to finish! It seems to be warmed up from the stomach on a cold day.

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Kentucky style biscuits

"Kentucky-style biscuits" recipe

A recipe that allows you to recreate Kentucky's classic and popular biscuits at home. Add butter and milk to flour and baking powder, mix with Zakuzaku, form a well-kneaded dough and bake in the oven. It is convenient to make a mold with a milk carton to make it round! The outside is crispy and the inside is moist and the aroma of butter spreads.

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Boiled chicken and maitake mushrooms in cream

"Chicken and Maitake mushroom cream boiled" recipe

A dish of tender juicy chicken thighs and savory maitake mushrooms stewed in milk. You can fully enjoy the rich and rich taste and the umami derived from meat and mushrooms. It's a recipe that you can easily try without difficulty because you just fry and boil the ingredients!

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Lotus root pottage

"Lotus root pottage" recipe

A pottage-style recipe in which lotus root cut to leave a texture and grated lotus root stewed in milk. Simply fry lotus root, onions and bacon and simmer in milk and consomme. By adding lotus root, it has a rich mouthfeel. The aroma and simple flavor unique to root vegetables spread softly, making it perfect for the cold season.

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