FamilyMart "Okra's Sticky Salad"

Here are three Famima "salad" products that the En-eating editorial department actually tried and enjoyed. "Okra sticky salad", "Shaka pretend salad", "Tomato salad". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Okra sticky salad

I tried " Okra's sticky salad " from FamilyMart (Famima). A dish where you can enjoy sticky ingredients. Calories are 47kcal, protein 2.2g (0.07oz), fat 0.7g (0.25oz), sugar 6.5g (0.18oz), dietary fiber 3.4g (0.14oz), salt equivalent 2.0g (0oz).

FamilyMart "Okra's Sticky Salad"

Shaka pretend salad

I tried " Shaka pretend salad " from FamilyMart (Famima). It is also a fun dish to mix the ingredients and shake the bowl to finish. Calories are 107kcal, protein 1.1g (0.04oz), fat 9.7g (0.25oz), sugar 3.4g (0.14oz), dietary fiber 0.6g (0.21oz), salt equivalent is 0.6g (0.21oz).

FamilyMart "Shaka Pretend Salad"

Tomato salad

I tried " Tomato Salad " from FamilyMart (Famima). It is a delicious dish with mayonnaise. Calories are 121kcal, protein 1.1g (0.04oz), fat 11.0g (0oz), sugar 2.2g (0.07oz), dietary fiber 4.7g (0.25oz), salt equivalent 0.3g (0.11oz).

FamilyMart "Tomato Salad"