"Takara" Chuhai Highball "[Hassaku Orange from Wakayama]" Renewal with zero sugar

Takara Sake Brewery will release "Takara" Shochu Highball "[Wakayama Hassaku Wari]" with renewed sake quality on January 11, 2022. Limited quantity. The price is 141 yen for 350 ml and 191 yen for 500 ml (both excluding tax). Alcohol content is 7%.

Takara "Shochu Highball" [Hassaku orange from Wakayama]

Takara "Shochu Highball" [Hassaku orange from Wakayama] is characterized by the refreshing aroma and acidity of Hassaku oranges. The quality of sake has been renewed from the conventional 80% off sugar (compared to the average value of Takara Shuzo fruit-based chu-hi) to zero sugar, resulting in a cleaner taste.

Takara "Chuhai Highball"

Takara "Shochu Highball" is a dry chu-hi that pursues the taste of chu-hi, which was born in a popular bar in downtown Tokyo in the latter half of the 1945's, which is said to have become the origin of the word chu-hi.

In addition to the refreshing and dry taste with 7% alcohol content based on Takara Shochu, zero purines (less than 0.5 mg of purines per 100 ml is indicated as zero purines) and zero sweeteners (food addition) It doesn't use any sweeteners as a product), which is popular not only with Chuhai users but also with health-conscious consumers.