Dore "Dre Christmas Cake"

"Dre Christmas Cake" is on sale from Dore, a luxury sweets specialty store featuring peanuts that shine in Dore (golden). The sale period is 5 days from December 21st to December 25th. The price is 3,240 yen (tax included). The store is Dore Hankyu Umeda store.

Dre Christmas cake

The brand's first whole cake. Introducing the "Dore" Christmas cake that creates a Christmas night. The cake is wrapped in chocolate glasage with peanut dice from Yachimata, Chiba prefecture, and is cutely made with fresh cream with peanut paste.

A moist dough with almond powder and hazelnut-flavored butter cream using fermented butter from France. A "Dre" original Christmas cake that pursues the texture and flavor of peanuts and maximizes its appeal.

About 75% of domestic peanuts are from Chiba prefecture. Among them, Yachimata City boasts the highest production volume in Japan. The peanuts used in the sweets of "Dore" are beans made by "Mamekoro Ikemiya" who have been processing peanuts for three generations in Yachimata. Thinking about how to deliver peanuts that are fragrant and rich and delicious, while being involved in the production site of contract farmers, by sticking to the natural drying that brings out the flavor and the shelling, the richness and sweetness that remains in the aftertaste, and the feelings It features a good texture. "Dore" uses "semi-standing seeds", which are especially rare among the many varieties. The taste of peanuts, which can be tasted only because it is made in Japan, which has been carefully selected and arrived, is tightly confined in the sweets.