Hamazushi "New Year's holiday gorgeous festival"

Hamazushi will hold a "year-end and New Year gorgeous festival". "Hon-tuna Nakatoro", "Branded Wagyu beef grip (Sendai beef or Kagoshima black beef)", "Hon-tuna tataki tsutsumi", "Abalone", "Grilled Kintoro Anako", "Hokkaido croquette eating comparison", "Caramel Mont Blanc" etc. are sold.

Year-end and New Year gorgeous festival

Implemented from December 23rd. Examples of target products are as follows. The price includes tax.

Toro in the main tuna

A greasy, melty mouthfeel. The price is 165 yen.

Brand Wagyu beef (Sendai beef or Kagoshima black beef)

You can enjoy the sweetness and umami of the soft fat. 308 yen including tax.

Tuna Tataki Tsutsumi

A generous amount of tuna seared. The price is 110 yen.


High-quality ingredients with just the right amount of texture and flavor. The price is 165 yen.

Grilled gold and conger eel

A product that is well-greased and plump and irresistible. The price is 165 yen.

Hokkaido croquette eating comparison

A product that allows you to eat and compare two types of croquette, a cream croquette filled with the taste of scallops from Hokkaido Eruption Bay and a Hokkaido beef stew croquette with a rich taste. The price is 220 yen.

Caramel mont blanc

The rich taste of caramel is accented with a slight salty taste. The price is 286 yen.

* The products sold by "Brand Wagyu Guri" differ depending on the store.
* It will end as soon as the products are sold out.
* Prices are different at some stores.
* Scheduled to be sold at all 552 stores (as of December 21).