Kentucky "KFC Original Snoopy Kids Goods"

A limited number of kids' menus with "KFC Original Snoopy Kids Goods" will be on sale at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

KFC Original Snoopy Kids Goods

"KFC Original Snoopy Kids Goods" has two types, "Pen Tate Calendar 2022" and "Nakayoshi Chokinbako".

Pen fresh calendar 2022

"Pen Tate Calendar 2022" is a lively design with many popular peanut characters. Snoopy and his friends appear with KFC-inspired food and portray a scene where they are enjoying a meal at home. An excellent item that can be used as a pen stand by stacking three parts.

Nakayoshi Chokinbako

"Nakayoshi Chokinbako" is a "hug design" in which Charlie Brown moves and hugs Snoopy when you put in money. It is a piggy bank that you will never get tired of looking at.

The target kids menu is "Kids Nugget Set" (500 yen including tax) and "Kids Crispy Set" (500 yen including tax). Available at Kentucky Fried Chicken nationwide from December 27th. * Some stores are not available

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