Cinnabon "raw chocolate bon"

"Raw chocolate bon" will be on sale for a limited time in Cinnabon. A chocolate-filled product with "chocolate frosting" applied to "mini chocolate bon" and topped with "raw chocolate".

Raw chocolate bon

Cinnabon "raw chocolate bon"

"Raw chocolate bon" is a luxurious cinnabon that is made by wrapping a special chocolate paste in a moist dough and baking it, then applying "chocolate frosting" and then topping it with "raw chocolate". You can enjoy rich three layers of chocolate. This product is also recommended for people who are not good at cinnamon.

Sold for a limited time from December 26th to the end of February. Available at Cinnabon stores nationwide.


"Cinnabon" is a cinnamon roll specialty store that was born in Seattle, USA and has about 1,400 stores in 56 countries around the world. The special cinnamon roll uses "Makara cinnamon", a cinnamon specially cultivated and refined exclusively for cinnabon. It is loved all over the world as a fascinating cinnamon roll that you will never forget once you eat it, made with a secret recipe.