Kairikiya "Takeaway Ramen (Raw Noodle Type)"

The "# Home at Kairikiya" campaign will be held at Ramen Kairikiya. From December 20, 2021 to January 5, 2022, "Takeaway Ramen (raw noodle type)" will be discounted.

"# Home at Ramen Kairikiya" Campaign

Kairikiya "Takeaway Ramen (Raw Noodle Type)"

Takeaway ramen (raw noodle type) is the most popular To go menu at Kairikiya. It is said that you can enjoy "special soy sauce ramen" by Kairikiya at home with your family and friends when you get tired of osechi dishes instead of Toshikoshi soba as a simple meal during the busy season of the year.

During the campaign period, the special price will be 540 yen instead of the usual 702 yen (tax included, same below) for one person. For 3 people, the special price is 1,555 yen, which is usually 2,106 yen, and for 5 people, the special price is 2,430 yen, which is usually 3,510 yen.

It is said that if you make a phone reservation in advance, you can receive it without waiting at the store. In addition, it is said that the number of daily sales is limited for each store. In addition to this, other services, service tickets and discount tickets cannot be used. Some stores and delivery services are not eligible for the campaign.