Starbucks "Hojicha meets Caramel Cream Frappuccino"

"Hojicha meets Caramel Cream Frappuccino", "Hojicha meets Caramel Cream Tea Latte" and "Woolon meets Citrus Tea Latte" will be on sale from December 26th at Starbucks Coffee.

Hojicha meets caramel cream frappuccino

Hojicha meets caramel cream Frappuccino is a tea base with a rich aroma and taste that combines two types of hojicha and black tea, with a mellow sweetness of white mocha syrup and a roasted tea caramel sauce that maximizes the deliciousness. The one. Deep roasted roasted roasted green tea powder is used as the sauce, and it is devised so that you can feel the deep taste along with the aroma of caramel. In addition to using the sauce to draw a pattern on the entire drink, it is also topped on the whipped cream. You can enjoy it as an accent to the taste, aroma, and appearance. Only tall size, the price is 648 yen for To go and 660 yen for eat-in (tax included).

Hojicha meets caramel cream tea latte

Hojicha meets Caramel Cream Tea Latte is a tea base that combines fragrant Hojicha and black tea with Hojicha caramel sauce, cream using raw milk and white mocha syrup to maximize the taste of tea. Finished with whipped cream and roasted green tea caramel sauce. Prices start from short-sized To go 501 yen and eat-in 510 yen (tax included).

Oolong meets citrus tea latte

Oolong meets Citrus Tea Latte is topped with freeze-dried oranges and yuzu peel, which are a mixture of steam milk and "TEAVANA Zen Cloud Oolong", which has a refreshing aromatic scent and a light drink. It is a tea latte that goes well with the pleasant gentleness that is created by the combination of refreshing scents and the mellow sweetness. Prices start from short-sized To go 501 yen and eat-in 510 yen (tax included).