Ariake "Samurai Harbor Katsuguri Matcha"

"Samurai Harbor Katsuguri Matcha" is on sale from December 20th at Ariake directly managed stores, retail stores, EC sites, etc. as a logo licensed product of the taiga drama "The 13 Lords of the Kamakuraden" scheduled to start broadcasting in January 2022. .. Scheduled to be sold by the end of December 2022.

Samurai Harbor Katsuguri Matcha

A product made with the preserved food "Katsuguri", which was used to raise the morale of military commanders with the culture of matcha that began with the Kamakura period and the auspiciousness that leads to "winning". 13 carefully selected ingredients such as Uji matcha, boiled chestnut kanro-ni, ginkgo biloba extract, flour, sugar, butter, Hokkaido cream, white bean paste, egg, rare sugar, agar, Okinawan brown sugar, and starch syrup are used. increase.

Ariake "Samurai Harbor Katsuguri Matcha"

Uji matcha is used for castella dough, anmitsu, and honey. Matcha black honey is trapped in a homemade bean paste that is a combination of small chestnuts boiled in Kanro-ni, and is moisturized by the traditional method. You can enjoy the exquisite taste of matcha and black honey that spreads along with the texture of chestnuts.

The package is designed with an illustration of Hojo Yoshitoki drawn by "Masayuki Kojo" who is active as a samurai painter, with a pattern inspired by Mr. Hojo's family crest "Three scales". The price is 194 yen for a single item and 1,166 yen for 6 pieces (tax included).