Recipe "Talgona Coffee"

Here are three recipes for instant coffee consumption that were delicious when the convenience food editorial department actually made them. "Talgo coffee", "coffee shiruko", "ice coffee". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article page.

Talgo coffee

Introducing " Talgona Coffee " recommended for home cafes. Milk is topped with foam made by simply mixing coffee, sugar, and hot water. The mouthfeel is delicate but the taste is rich. Although it is sweetened by sugar, it also asserts the bitterness of coffee.

Recipe "Talgona Coffee"

Coffee shiruko

Introducing the recipe for " Coffee Shiruko " that you want to eat in the cold season. The sweetness of this red bean is tightened by the bittersweetness of coffee, which is an adult taste. It is fragrant and has a good aftertaste, which makes you want to eat it again and again.

"Coffee Shiruko" recipe

Ice coffee

I want to enjoy a cold drink, but I'm worried that it will gradually melt and dilute when I add ice. Here is a recipe for " ice coffee " that is very easy and you can enjoy the feeling of a cafe at home.

"Ice coffee" recipe