Limited express train head mark lunch 8th "Tsubasa"

JR East Cross Station Retail Company will resell the 8th series "Tsubasa" of "Limited Express Train Headmark Bento". The price is 2,160 yen (tax included). Limited time sale and limited quantity sale. The sale period is from December 20th to 31st.

Limited Express Train Headmark Bento Tsubasa

"Limited Express Train Headmark Lunch Box" is a skater's "4-point lock lunch box" type that can be used as a lunch box by supervising and manufacturing menus at well-known stores along the line with the theme of the head mark of conventional limited express trains. It is a memorable lunch box that you used to commemorate your trip, with particular attention to the container and contents. The contents were designed by "Shinkineya", an ekiben shop at Yonezawa Station, which is famous for "ekiben beef domanchu", which was founded in 1918. The menu is as follows.

・ White rice (using Domannaka rice from Yamagata prefecture)
・ Domestic beef soboro boiled ・ Shredded kinpira burdock ・ Chicken teriyaki ・ Yamagata specialty Imo boiled (taro, beef, fine bamboo, flower-shaped carrot, etc.)
・ Yamagata's specialty, simmered ball konnyaku, pickled in Yamagata prefecture, pickled in red turnip

The stores scheduled to be handled are as follows.

Tokyo Station: HANAGATAYA Tokyo South Passage Store (lunch), HANAGATAYA Tokyo Yaesu South Exit Store, HANAGATAYA Keiyo Street Store, HANAGATAYA Gransta Tokyo North Passage, HANAGATAYA Gransta Tokyo Central Passage Store Ueno Station: Zenmai Ueno Central Access Passage Store, HANAGATAYA Ecute Ueno Store Kamata Station: HANAGATAYA Kamata store * We will arrive at the store in the morning due to courier service.
Omiya Station: HANAGATAYA Omiya Shinkansen store * Arrive at the store in the morning for courier service.