Fukuya "Direct Kan of Miyama"

Fukuya sells "Miyama no Chokan", which is a tie-up with the movie "99.9-Criminal Lawyer-THE MOVIE" to be released on December 30th. For a limited time. One can contains 90g (3.17oz), and the price is 400 yen (tax included). Best-by date is 3 years at room temperature. The sale period is until January 31, 2022.

Miyama's direct

"Mentsuna Kankan" has sold more than 6 million cans since its launch in 2015. This time, the premium taste will be sold as "Miyama no Naokan", a special label in collaboration with the movie "99.9-Criminal Lawyer-THE MOVIE".

The name is a combination of the intuition of the hero who pursues the facts and the product name "Mentsuna Kankan" without giving up on the 99.9% convicted case until the last remaining 0.1%. When you purchase, you will receive an original sticker with a movie title on a first-come, first-served basis. The sticker design creates the movie title in two colors.

The premium taste is a luxurious tuna can, in which about 20% of each can is mentaiko grains. The pickling liquid and plenty of grains are entwined with the tuna, further expanding the flavor, umami and richness of the mentaiko.